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Cats at the Beach?! - Sunday, August 20, 2006
Wow I feel so busy all the time reccently. Single is awesome in that way that it gets you to be more proactive about seeing people you wouldn't normally see and doing things you wouldn't normally do, but when you're alone you feel it a lot more than when you're with someone, which sucks.

On friday Alison and I had a total 'tourist' day since we both had time off from work and no uni. We met up and had coffee and then worked out at the gym for around 1.5 hours before going to manly for lunch! it was really nice! I bought gorgeous Ash-style boots too! (haha, love your style Ash!) they're scrunchy, soft and really dark brown.

Then I went home and snored for about 4 hours and didn't eat dinner and went back to bed and watched oklahoma til it was keeping me awake and then I turned it off. Too much loud singing haha.

This morning I was working, so I got to work by 8:15 and was all set up with my uni readings and my highlighters and then I opened up and spent the next 5 hours making my biggest retail haul ever, as well as doing uni work. Saturdays are always really quiet so apart from talking to members I'd be standing doing nothing by myself when no one is at the desk, so its a great opportunity to do readings. I didn't get that far though because it was all like statistics and numbers, so I couldn't put it down, pick it back up and understand what I'd read so I still have another 20 odd pages to read about Immigration in Germany. Hurrah. Anyway, on the plus side I made $750 in retail, which is awesome since our usual weekend target is around $400 for the whole day. I made almost twice that in half the time! So excited. This month the person who makes the most money will win a MAAASSIVE Haigh's chocolate frog. It's like at least as long as a dinner plate is wide! big! frog! yay!

anyway, what else? after work I met up with my sister and we went to a friend's BBQ at the beach. It was really nice but pretty late by the time a BBQ was free. The weather at least was gorgeous and the people were all nice. It was weird. I was on the phone to Sarah (I finally got a hold of her, she was at work and in bed the last two times I called, haha, I felt like a stalker! I was going to give up if I couldn't speak to her today in case she was like, fuck stop RINGING)

Anyway I was on the phone to her and I noticed the couple sitting close to us who I had THOUGHT had a small brown dog with them actually had a CAT with them. At the beach. A brown, regular shorthaired domestic cat. It was really weird. But really cute too! It just curled up in the sun next to them. Random.

After that Anna and I organised to go to the Dendy Cinema at Circular Quay for dinner and a movie since the 'rents are away doing some renovation slash updatey type things to the cottage that my mum keeps the accounts for (as a volunteer. It's a girl guide's building.) We had dinner at this nice place that were really sweet about bringing our food fast when we said that we were going to a movie and needed to eat fast. We saw 49 Up. I really enjoyed it. I have seen some of the other 'Up' Movies, and this was the best in my op appart from the first one. It's kind of bittersweet to see what those gorgeous bright eyed optimistic 7 year olds have turned into, but also really lovely, because they actually seemed happy. And if not happy, then comfortable with themselves. It was weird - quite a lot of them had grandkids, which to me is weird since they're only 49! wow! I don't want to be a grandparent at 49. I guess the benefit is you are young enough to enjoy them and also to spend time with them, unlike my grandparents. I'm very lucky, my grandmother is 93 this year, so I've been granted that time to get to know her and spend time with her that we wouldnt have had if she'd lived to the 'average' age of 78 or whatever it is.

Anyway. We enjoyed the film. Afterwards we came home and I did some tidying. I feel all accomplished and like I've done a lot now! tomorrow - just some more general tidying as well as buying my bus ticket and stuff. I've been to the gym 4 times this week - should I feel guilty about having the day off tomorrow? I want to sleep in! I guess I can go in the afternoon. And I have to go to randwick anyway to buy my bus ticket and lunch stuff. Might as well. I'll see how tired I am I think!

Anyway, this is really long and I have to get my jeans out of the dryer - so night from me!

Love Rosie


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