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Ha ha, you loser, with your 1am political debates! - Sunday, August 27, 2006
My god. I can't believe how high my loser status has just reached. It's 1am on a saturday night and I just finished a 750w 1st year subject paper. Sometimes you just resist it so much, I just could NOT focus on the bastard, no matter how hard I tried.

Anyway, finally got it done. I have to say, for a first year topic i think it was pretty hard because it dealt with a politically sensitive question - how receptive has germany been to migration? which doesnt sound too bad til you read it and realise that they aren't receptive at all and would prefer to use guestworkers and therefore get the benefits of skilled labour with out the cost of financial support. Which really sounds terrible to me, coming from such a multicultral community. AND MY LOSER RATING HAS JUST INCREASED due to my determination to discuss german politics at this time of night. Jesus. Sad.

SO. The paper is done which means yay tomorrow I dont have to do any uni work. Instead I am going to go to Bondi markets with my sister to help her look for a sarong, buy my bus ticket and lunch food for uni, go to dinner with the girls and if I don't feel completely lazy, work out.

Phew. I feel tired just thinking about it so Night Night from me

Love Always Rosie

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