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No rest for the Uni Student - Tuesday, August 29, 2006
I'm having a big week. Because I'm having 2 days 'off' from the Bond St club so I can work at the Park St club, I'm pretty much working everyday. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Sunday. And I think friday. But I have saturday off. Hurrah.

And somewhere in there I have to fit in going to the gym. How the hell do I fit 4 workouts into this week?! the good thing is, this is one of only 2 weeks in my whole semester where I don't have anything due - so I'm going to start on NEXT weeks' work so I have a head start. See how great uni is?

On the plus side, it's getting hotter! yay! AND, I'm going to get laser eye surgery in the mid semester break! I'm so excited. I want to go for my consultation as soon as possible. I wanted the actual opperation done soon too, but then I realised I wont be able to do any readings for uni work, so I might be best waiting for the holidays. The bad thing is, I think my parents will be away in Egypt in the mid semester break, so my sister will have to look after me, which would be hard for her to do since she took time off to keep mum company.

The weekend was nice. Anna and I went to the bondi markets and I bought a dress for Alison's 21st. Anna bought a sarong and we walked along the front looking for a cafe that made scones. We didn't find one so we had brunch at a cafe that had seats in the sun. Then we went to the gym, and later I met Janna for dinner since the other girls weren't available for various reasons. I was really surprised, Janna bought me a purse! for no reason at all, she just thought it looked 'me'! what a sweetie.

I hadn't realised how much I'd missed her since she's moved house, but I really did. It was really good to catch up.

Tonight's episode of grey's anatomy was so sad :( one of the best things about the show in my oppinion is that you are always left on a good note, that you feel a glow of contentment after watching it, and this week it wasn't like that, which made me sad. Anyway. I'm getting up early tomorrow to go to the gym, so I'm going to bed now.

Night Night.



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