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Alison's 21st - Monday, September 11, 2006
Photos of Al's 21st are up. I was seriously fairly sober. Even though I dirty danced with Charlie, his brothers Richard and Daniel, as well as his cousin Jason AND Kari. Phew. Don't worry about slutting it up and a half or anything. Seriously, Charlie and his relatives are v. persuasive re: dancing w/ them. We didn't sit down all night!

Anyway. We pretty much didn't sleep at all. We had a pretty awesome time. Then on saturday, I drove sarah to the city and then went home for a quick nap pre-Aaron date.

I met Az at starbucks and we went to circular quay and bought ferry tickets. We went over to manly and the crap weather meant it was all bumpy and exciting yay. We had STEAK for lunch. We agree on steak. THEN we walked around in the gale force winds and laughed at surfers stacking it. We're completely non-shallow.

We went back to Circular quay and went to the museum of contemporary art and looked at stuff. I'd never been, so Aaron took my museum of contemporary art virginity.

THEN we walked hither and thither in the rain and chatted. We also visited his friend at work. He walked me to the bus stop and as of that moment we are officially 'going steady', 'dating', 'seeing each other'... whatever. Way excitement frankly :D

Anyway. When I got home I thought, I'll just have a quick nap... left my makeup on, and my contact lenses, AND my clothing and the lights on. Woke up at 8am sunday morning going, wtf day is it! what's going on!

Anyway. Sunday night Jasmine and I had dinner at the hogsbreath cafe. I love that place. Excellent steak. Then I spent until 2am talking to Az on the phone and felt guilty because he had an exam today. Oops..

Anyway. I have to present a discussion tomorrow so I'm going to bed.



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