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I lost my... vegetarian restaurant & uni party virginities! - Saturday, September 23, 2006
ohhh.. I feel like crap and I have tonsilitis. And I think I gave it to Aaron but I hope not but if I did it's his fault because I told him I have it. And stuff.

SO. Thursday we went to the uni party! It was fun. First Aaron and Eddie got ready at my house. (Aaron: *runs his fingers thru his hair* "Ok, I'm done" Eddie & I: 40 mins later...) haha. Anyway, then Eddie dropped us off at the bus stop and Az and I got dinner at this crap restaurant where we were like the only people eating in there and the steak was crap. But at least we'll know for next time. THEN we met everyone outside the Arthouse hotel and went for drinks at bar ace where the security woman obviously thought my ID was fake. We got to the uni party at around 10pm and had beer and danced and tried to escape from boring people, naming no names..

We left around 12 and Aaron slept over. It was a pretty good night. Would have been much better if I didnt have tonsilitis.

Oh.. I was so busy this week. On wednesday I worked and then Al met me and we went shopping and then to dinner at a Vegitarian restaurant. It was fun. There was heaps of food that tasted like it had meat in it, and I just kept thinking, why not just eat meat instead of all these foods high in preservatives and additives and goodness knows what else. It was quite nice food, but really. Give me a steak any day :D

Afterwards Al and I went for dessert at city extra. THAT was a good night too. I just wish I could enjoy everything more since I have to keep getting up in the night and stuff because of my throat.

Anyway, I have so much uni work and I just dont feel well enough to do it justice. It completely sucks since there is no way I will get special consideration for the whole 2 week period, even though I've had tonsilitis on and off that whole time. Stupid sickness. Hmph.

Anyway. Much love


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