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Bunny/Willum-Eve - Friday, June 29, 2007
OMG. It's willum eve!

One of my birthday presents was a teeny tiny dwarf bunny from Dandelion Rabbit Stud who we decided to call Willum 5 minutes after we saw a photo of him. He is SO CUTE. We couldn't get him until tomorrow though, since he was too young to leave his momma.

Anyway. OMG OMG! he's being delivered tomorrow!!! yay! I'm so excited, but also nervous. I mean, we've never met before. What if he doesn't like us? what if we don't like him? what if he turns out to be a bad tempered little jerk who bites us??

Oh.. I hope we like him and he likes us. Mum is making me nervous by saying he needs at least an hour to settle in with us not touching him, and that we shouldn't overwhelm him and we shouldn't play with him too much on the first evening.

She's making me nervous I'll do the wrong thing!

Anyway, hopefully, everything will work out. After all, he's only a baby! But how excitement, I'll be losing my 'rabbit as a pet slash first animal as a present' virginity!

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