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Tag! you're it! - Thursday, June 28, 2007
So today, in between making up an assignment I forgot to hand in and talking on MUT, I started tagging all my blogger posts. Being as how I have around 400 posts, you can imagine how long that will take.

While I was doing it, I couldn't help but notice several things:

1. There are certain periods that I really hated reading. I haven't tagged them all because reading that stuff makes me feel sick. It relates to someone whose mother is the anti christ and who, despite having been broken up for around 2 or so years, I still really strongly feel that if I was able to watch him have his joke-sized dick cut off on video, I would probably do no more than applaud. I think his family are all money-obsessed whores, and his mother - let's just say I feel physically ill at the thought of someone that class prejudiced, trashy and so typical st. ives living in the same world as cute baby animals, children, and NICE people. Ugh. Revolting.

2. I used to drink a lot! this year is the year that I have come to the realisation that alcohol can ruin peoples lives. I've said really hurtful things when I've been drunk, and I've been affected by others who were drinking. I really honestly believe that alcohol is dangerous. I never have before, and I don't judge other people who drink it, but I don't think I will be drinking any more. We'll see. It's something I intend to be very careful about.

3. Writing all this makes it seem more real - so I will probably post again soon after this and pretend like I never wrote it. It's hard to discuss things that are not pleasant in this blog - most of my posts are so cheery and happy, and yet, I know that the reason for that is beacause I just dont post anything if I'm upset or angry.

That's about it from me :) on the plus side, tagging is fun! but getting boring and old.. I've probably tagged about 200 entries ish!

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