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Um, Yeah. About that 4 month hiatus - Tuesday, June 19, 2007
ugh. I haven't posted in 4 months. So much has happened that I just couldnt face the blog. At times of great stress I just don't want to articulate bad things in my life beyond whinging excessively to my friends and family.

It's like writing it will make it more real.

So, I haven't written. Basically, to sum it up here is what's happened.

Went to Egypt and Thailand. Most disasters I've ever had on one trip in my life. Lost my photo card with 200 irreplaceable pictures of Egypt and thailand. Lost my sister's passport but luckily found it again. Had prank calls from creepy egyptian guys in the middle of the night. Suitcase was damaged so I had to strap it up with belts. Guy on our tour got arrested and thrown off the tourist train. Got hardly any sleep.

Got back to sydney, supposed to be doing 3 subjects, one of which was based around a week at Heron Island in QLD. 3 days before we were due to leave, the place burnt down, leaving me, mum and dad wit'h about $2000 worth of random diving equipment.

So, only doing 2 subjects, which was lucky because I probably would have failed them otherwise. They've been really really hard.

Baby sat Jasmine's rabbit for '2 weeks' which ended up being 3 months

Got screwed over by Aaron, we break up for 2 months, I sink into deep depression and despondency, focus all my attention on the rabbit and take it really hard when J takes him back.

Get back together with aaron, on the stipulation he not be an asshole, the top of a long list of requirements that we made together.

Only problem being, it wont ever be the same, and what if I never trust him again? I'm happy to have things different than they were before, as long as they're still 'good' even if it's not the same good that it was. I'm taking things 1 day at a time and all I can do is wait to see if everything works out. He knows how I feel about this and he also knows that he'll have to be patient with my distrust of him, being as how he created it, he's prepared to put up with it.

So that's about the last 4 months for me. Oh. I shopped myself broke and it's my birthday on friday. Yaaaay.



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